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PRS – Paint Repair System Expert

PRS - Paint Repair System Expert is the latest system designed for spot repairs. The greatest advantage of this product is that it allows you to avoid painting entire elements, which translates into:

  • significantly cutting down repair costs
  • reducing the repair time
  • ensuring a permanent repair.

PRS - Paint Repair System Expert was created by experts in the area of smart repair. Their lengthy experience has allowed to produce innovative and reliable technology. PRS - Paint Repair System Expert is intended for the most demanding customers, i.e., for all those who are after something more than just a visual effect and who value the durability of materials used. The system allows us to eliminate: scratches, abrasions, chipping, sandblasted elements and many more. We guarantee that after using PRS - Paint Repair System Expert your car will not require repainting whole elements, making traces after the repair imperceptible so you can enjoy the immaculate appearance of your vehicle for a long time. We invite you to our showrooms to test out PRS - Paint Repair System Expert.


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