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Hire purchase of auto detailing products

To address the expectations of customers, our company - Paint Repair System Expert, also encourages you to take advantage of the low interest loan, and all of that without unnecessary paperwork. We are aware that there are private customers or companies among you that do not want to invest their own resources to purchase our products.

For this reason, we allow purchases in convenient installments. It all takes just a few minutes. There is no need to do all the paperwork, and the credit recipient must only show a valid ID card. Our installments are personalized - we adjust their number and payment time to your preferences.

We are aware that engaging even minor funds, especially in case of small companies and those that are just entering the market, can be cumbersome. We offer our customers allocating free funds for the development of the enterprise and convenient installments on our part. Our activities are motivated by the implementation of one of our goals, which is to support the growth of companies operating in the automotive industry.

We encourage everyone interested in obtaining a loan for the purchase of our products to contact us - we will be happy to answer your questions and dispel any doubts.
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